Reel Decide is a list based slot machine made for Streamers to enable truly random raffle draws for their audience, you can pick a winner with a single spin and give away the next feature/big win live and direct. We've deployed the initial Beta, it's still a bit rough round the edges but we'll be updating from time to time, so watch this space!

To use reel decide just copy a list (or comma seperated list) into the "modify panel" and click slow or quick spin for a live and instant result during a twitch or youtube live stream. You can also configure it just to choose 'Gates' or 'Voltage', as this can be one of the toughest decisions a streamer can make. If you have any comments or suggestions please send them through to

If you're not a streamer you can also use it for every day decisions...

Go to to give it a spin... it can even choose what you're having for dinner!